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We've seen first hand what it feels like to be powerless and not be able to provide basic needs for your family.

If you're like us, you've had tough times and needed financial support then at some point in your life someone generously helped you out. You've likely wondered if there were financial support and counseling that would help you give your children a better life. We know you want to become valued, and it's wrong that people live in refugee camps for years without hope for a future.

At Hope And Dignity, we get it.

Like you, we are troubled by the genocide committed by ISIS against the Yadizi people leaving so many women without the ability to care for their families. For the past year, we've helped dozens of widows overcome providing for their family and experience feeling valued that someone in America cares about them.

After a year of having a desire to go to Iraq not sure of who to visit or where to help. Everything finally fell in place during the summer of 2018. 

"The ten days that I was there were an incredible whirlwind. When I left, I left my heart behind with the Yazidi’s, I wanted nothing more than to help alleviate their pain and suffering… that was how Hope & Dignity Ministries was born, a ministry to help the girls that were sex slaves and the widows and orphans left behind by the brutality of Isis", says Wiam, founder of Hope & Dignity.

We are committed to helping Yadizi widows thrive so she can stop feeling powerless. This is PHASE 1 of making a difference in this community. The process is simple - 1. donate monthly, 2. get quarterly update emails, and feel good knowing you are making a difference. Once you Donate Now, you'll have taken the first step to these widows feeling hopeful.

We believe no one should suffer from religious persecution and these widows deserve to provide her children with a stable home. We help them with food and basic needs so that she can begin to heal in all areas of life.

Donate Now so we can get started.

Our mission is to come alongside women and children that have been ravaged by genocide and refugees of war in a tangible way to bring health and restore Hope and Dignity in a culture that has marginalized women and children.

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Hope And Dignity Inc. was founded in October 2018 and became a fully recognized tax-exempt non-profit 501(c) 3 organization in July of 2019 (Tax ID number #83-3653949).

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