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About Us

Since I first went to Iraq in October 2018, there have been a lot of changes I opened a nonprofit and called it Hope and Dignity which is what I felt that God wanted to do amongst the Yazidi women and children who had been thru an unspeakable genocide in 2014. I have traveled to Iraq twice the first to get to know the Women and second in 2019 to open a nonprofit in Iraq.

We did life lessons for the widowed women in healing their relationships not only with themselves but also with their children. The younger women who had also been traumatized by the genocide by either being trafficked or by witnessing the atrocities we did a healing thru art classes.

But as I worked together with my team in Iraq, I realized that the women had in essence been trafficked by Isis and were traumatized by their ordeal. God Opened my eyes to the trafficking here in my own backyard, San Diego is one of the Largest hubs for trafficking in the USA since we are on the Mexican border and a lot of women are not only smuggled and trafficked into California but others are smuggled out to be trafficked in the rest of the world.

As I sought the Lord in what I was supposed to do with this information I felt that Hope and Dignity was supposed to open a home for women who had been rescued from trafficking right here in San Diego but I had no idea how that would look like. In the midst of that God did an incredible thing and bought Danielle Womack into my life CEO of City Hope Now who not only had the same vision but also knew people who could come alongside us and be part of the vision.

This is how Hope Haven was born. We have a few donors who have come alongside us in the vision. But its going to be the everyday people who have heard about the trafficking and didn’t know how to get involved coming alongside Hope and Dignity and City Hope Now to help make this vision become a reality.

We need not only financial donors but we also need people to help with the important aspects of putting a home like this together people willing to work with us to change the lives of women who have been traumatized by the effects of being trafficked for years.

If you are interested we would love to hear from you

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