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HEaling Through Art

Provide A Safe and Stable Home

Learn Life Skills To Thrive

Our mission is to come alongside women and children that have been ravaged by genocide and refugees of war in a tangible way to bring health and restore Hope and Dignity in a culture that has marginalized women and children.
We've seen first hand what it feels like to be powerless and not be able to provide basic needs for your family.

Support A Widow

Monthly each widow in our program receives $65 to help meet her family's needs so that she is not a burden to the family she is living with, who are already strained financially 

Learn Life Skills To Thrive

We not only offer financial support to the widows but we also provide basic life skills courses to empower these women to be able to guide their children, in a better way of life and affording them an opportunity for education rather than going out to work to support the family. 

Widows Feel Valued

Knowing that people from the other side of the world are empathizing with them by supporting them, makes them feel not only grateful but also NOT FORGOTTEN. They feel seen.  

Imagine standing in a pool of your husband's blood as he lays at your feet dead, and having your teenage daughter ripped out of your arms as she screams "mom help me save me " as a man dressed in black drags her away to an unknown horror... this was the reality of a lot of the women of the 2014 genocide on Mt. Singar on that fated day 5 years ago.

So what happens in these refugee camps?

- At least 40 incidents of attempted suicides have been reported in 2018 and 10 incidents (six attempts and four committed) between January and April 2019. - Widows struggle with hopelessness and depression.- They lack basic education or job skills to break out of extreme poverty.

- Kids have to quit school to get a low paying job to help with the household finances.- Women feel powerless not being able to work due to cultural ideology.- Families continue living in the refugee camp without hope.


How Are We Different?

We've seen first hand what it feels like to be powerless and not be able to provide basic needs for your family.

If you're like us, you've had tough times and needed financial support then at some point in your life someone generously helped you out. You've likely wondered if there were financial support and counseling that would help you give your children a better life. We know you want to become valued, and it's wrong that people live in refugee camps for years without hope for a future.

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